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We specialize in beautiful custom neon signs. Our signs are genuine neon, hand crafted with care. We can take your logo or idea, and show you how it would look if we made it a neon sign. If you have no logo, we have a large selection of stock neon signs that you won't find anywhere else. Nothing makes your image stand out like neon. Let us turn your ideas into brighter ones!
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***General information about neon.***

Neon is manufactured by hand. Straight glass tubes are heated with special torches, and carefully bent into shape. A lot of practice is required in order to be able to accurately bend lettering without strains or weak spots.

Once the neon tubes are bent to the desired shape, they are put through a process called bombarding. Bombarding the neon tubes involves connecting the neon to a vacuum pump, and connecting the electrode ends to high voltage leads. The tube is then energized under vacuum with 17,000 to 25,000 volts. As a result, the atmosphere inside the tube, heats up rapidly, and any impurities inside the tube are ignited and removed by the vacuum pump. As the tube cools, the vacuum pump removes everything inside the tube until the pressure reaches at least 1 micron.

Next the rare neon or argon gas is added to the tube to the correct pressure for the diameter of tubing used.
There are two rare gases that are most commonly used in neon lighting today, argon and neon. These gasses are known as noble gasses, because they are chemically inert, and do not mix with other common elements.

It is a combination of the two different types of gas, and the coatings on the inside of the tubings that allow for the different neon colors. Argon gas is glows light blue when it is electrified, and when mercury vapour is present in the tube, a bright bluish white glow is produced. There are different types of phosphor coatings on the inner surface of the neon tubing that glow different colors when the light passes through them. These tubes, depending on their coatings, will give the cooler colors such as blue, green, purple, and yellow.

Neon gas, when energized gives off the characteristic intense orange red glow we are all familiar with. As such, when neon is used with the same coated tubes that make the cooler colors with argon gas, you will get a variety of pink, orange and amber shades.


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