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Shipping Guarantee
Glasswerx warrants its neon signs against shipping damage reported within
three (3) days of delivery to first end user, as indicated by delivery records
of shipping carrier. End user is responsible for testing sign to ensure there
is no breakage, and notifying carrier of any damages upon receipt of package.
Glasswerx' responsibility under this shipping warranty is to repair or
replace at our option, signs damaged during transit. Glasswerx will pay costs to ship
functional repair or replacement sign to end user provided the damage is noted on waybill and reported to Glasswerx within 3 days of receipt. If it is necessary to return the sign to Glasswerx, customer is responsible for costs involved in returning sign to Glasswerx.
Glasswerx will not accept liability for consequential or incidental damages
resulting from shipping damage including, but not limited to: loss or, delays of business. End user is responsible for contacting our customer service department at for instructions in returning your sign for repair or replacement. End user must retain all original packaging materials
unless otherwise instructed.

PLEASE NOTE: All sales are final, and no sign may be returned to Glasswerx without a RMA# from customer service. Unauthorized return of signs or components will not be accepted, and will be returned to end user unopened. Make certain the RMA number is clearly noted on the box. Contact customer service at for instructions on how to proceed with a warranty claim.

Limited Warranty
After safe delivery to end user Glasswerx warrants its neon signs to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of delivery receipt. Glasswerx will repair or replace at our option, any defective component of sign. This warranty does not cover breakage; abuse or misuse; unauthorized repair, alteration or disassembly by unauthorized personnel; operation by improper voltage or current (including power surges and lightning strikes): operation of sign outdoors: or damge resultant from flood fire or other acts of god. Any repairs or replacement of components do not extend the warranty period.

This warranty covers only replacement costs of materials and labour costs associated with authorized repairs. Glasswerx accepts no responsibility for damage or loss resulting from defect or malfunction of neon signs, including, but not limited to, loss of time; loss of business; inconvenience; property damage; personal injury or any other incidental or consequential loss, expense,or damage. In all cases Glasswerx' total liability shall be limited to the original purchase price of warranted product.

End user will be responsible for return of defective signs or components to Glasswerx factory, or transport of sign or components to an authorized repair centre, whichever Glasswerx decides is most appropriate. End user should retain all original packaging in case return to our factory is deemed necessary. Signs shipped back to our factory must be packaged in original packing materials or Glasswerx approved replacements.

Glasswerx will cover shipping costs to send repaired signs, replacements or replacement components from our factory to end user.

It may be necessary for end user to take sign to an authorized repair centre for diagnosis of malfunction, before warranty service can be provided. Authorized repair centres may or may not be present in all geographical regions. Contact customer service for an RMA #, and for instructions on how to proceed with a warranty claim.

Glasswerx prohibits the repair or modification of its signs by any person other than its own employees or a qualified technician employed by an authorized repair centre.

Failure to abide by this policy voids all warranties and may result in damage to sign and create safety hazards that may cause personal injury or property damage. Glasswerx takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for signs serviced in violation of this policy.

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